Schools are responsible for dealing with their own rugby disciplinary incidents. To ensure consistency across Age-Grade rugby all Schools are requested to follow the Age-Grade Rugby Disciplinary Procedures and use the sanctions table set out in Appendix 6 to RFU regulation 19. Supporting Guidance may be found here.

Each CSU works with the ERFSU’s Discipline Secretary, Chris Davy ([email protected] to provide advice and assistance to schools and to receive reports from schools of disciplinary case outcomes to ensure the proper Game-wide enforcement of disciplinary sanctions.
The RFU Discipline Department deals with foul play and misconduct cases involving Clubs at levels 1-4 of the Game. It also deals with appeals from Constituent Body Disciplinary Panels and other specific cases that the Constituent Body Disciplinary Panels do not have the power to deal with, for example, breaches of World Rugby Regulations 10 and 21 (medical and anti-doping). There are 35 Constituent Bodies to which the RFU delegates disciplinary powers. These bodies will normally deal with misconduct and foul play cases involving Clubs at level 5 and below.
For more information and contacts at RFU Discipline please visit: