The RugbySafe programme

RugbySafe is RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme to support clubs, schools, colleges, universities and participants at all levels of the game. It has five different strands all of which contribute and provide input to how the game should be played and managed to ensure that rugby is as safe as possible. A downloadable booklet provides an overview and further information on the RugbySafe.


New Resources

Recently launched, please click on the following link for the RugbySafe A-Z

Also the recently revised Guide to Providing First Aid and Immediate Care Provision

Head Case

Concussion Management is a key element to a Rugby Safe programme within your schools. As a minimum, schools at the start of the season should complete the follow areas:

  • – All staff coaching or refereeing contact rugby to have successfully completed the 30-minute Headcase Concussion Awareness Course for teachers and parents available here.
  • – All players in extra-curricular contact rugby in Year 10 and above to have successfully completed the 20-minute Headcase Concussion Awareness Course for players available here.
  • – All players in curricular rugby in Year 7 and above to have watched the 7-minute ERTV Concussion video available here.
  • – Rugby parents in the school to have been signposted to the Headcase Concussion Awareness programme here.

More information can be found by clicking the link below.


Youth Studies

Schools also have the opportunity to be part of the UK’s most comprehensive Youth injury prevention surveillance study in the UK. Started in 2015, 30 schools are invited into the programme each year. Being involved in this programme gives your schools a number of key benefits that include;

    • – Shows your school’s commitment to player welfare.
    • – Helps to inform developments to the game within the school sector and beyond in partnership with the RFU.
    • – Gives your school an individual report comparing your school’s data to the national picture.
    • – Informs your own risk management systems.
    • – Awards 2 Tickets to a 6 Nations game per school.
    • To find out more please contact [email protected] 


RugbySafe Resources and FAQs

Further Rugby Safe resources and frequently asked questions may found by following this link.