The RFU Rules and Regulations website is the central resource for the rules and regulations of Rugby Union Football in England.

The regulations and guidance have been revised in order to assist in developing children and young players in the most appropriate and safest way, with long term development and retention being the ultimate aim.

Regulation 15

All youth rugby both in schools and clubs from U6 to U18 is covered under Regulation 15 which is known as Age Grade Rugby. This regulation relates to training, matches and all variations of rugby permitted within the relevant age grade.

Regulation 15


Regulation 19

Regulation 19 Appendix 6 covers the disciplinary procedures of the youth game.

Regulation 19 Appendix 6


Playing Out of Age Grade

The playing out of age grade consent form should be completed for youth players that are not involved with the England Academies that intend on either playing up or playing down an age group.

Please note that there is no playing up below U12s. These forms are not mandatory but are best practice. The form is to be used in conjunction with RFU Regulation 15: Age Grade Rugby which may be found at:

U15 to play against U17

Playing out of Age Grade


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