Player welfare and safety is always central to everything we do and is something we all take seriously.

The RFU have developed online concussion resources which include a 30 minute online course explaining what concussion is, how it happens and what Teachers, Parents and Guardians can do to help their players avoid injury or return safely to learning and playing following a concussion.

Concussions may occur in many situations in the school environment; any time that a student’s head comes into contact with a hard object such as the floor or a desk, or another student’s body. The potential is probably greatest during activities where collisions can occur such as in the playground, during sport and PE, and if messing around indoors during breaks. The nature of rugby means that concussion can occur in training and in matches.

Students may also get concussion when playing rugby or other activities out of school but come to school with the symptoms and signs. It is important that these situations are recognised, as the concussion can affect their academic performance and/or behaviour, as well as putting them at risk of more serious consequences if they sustain another concussion before recovery.

We encourage you to ensure that you and all other members of staff who deliver rugby complete the online concussion resource, are up-to-date with HEADCASE protocols and have appropriate first aid provision in place for all training and matches.

It is a criteria of entry into the National Schools Competitions that those members of staff in charge of a team have completed the on line Teacher Concussion Awareness Course. Also that the senior team players have completed the on line Age Grade Rugby Player Course and players at Under 15 have watched the animated Concussion Video.



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