RFU Developer Training for schools

As part of its workforce development strategy the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the ERSFU are recruiting highly motivated and skilled individuals with a training background to join the part time team of the developer and educator workforce.

Successful candidates will contribute to the support and growth of the game by undertaking targeted training and development of coaches, referees & medics. This role will include not only the delivery of specific continued personal development courses, but also to develop coaches, referees & medics at club and society level through a variety of methods.

As a rugby developer or educator you will demonstrate technical expertise in your own domain, (medical, coaching & refereeing) but equally as important, the skills to deliver training programmes, assess performance objectively against clear outcomes, and facilitate feedback in a positive and educative manner

We would like to invite schools to submit an application for a member of your school to be trained as an RFU developer. Initially the course focus will be on safety and player development, but over time (with extra training) schools can then start to deliver more technical and tactical workshops accredited and supported by the RFU.

The RFU will provide the training, accommodation and training support, allowing schools to develop RFU accredited CPD programme linked to current local activity during summer 2016 and beyond. The nominated teacher will need to have a minimum of a Level 2 qualification. Selection will be based on quality of application and geographical location.

Schools will need to commit to the following areas:

    • – Attendance at a training weekend late Feb 2017. This would be compulsory and the weekend will be delivered by RFU trainers.
    • – Teachers would then deliver a course/s, which will be externally verified by an RFU trainer who would attend for final sign off.
    • – Development of a rugby union CPD programme for the school, and surrounding schools.
    • – Link your school programme with the RFU Area Training Manager (ATM). Their details will be provided.

Take a look at last year’s course in the video below.

To register you interest please enter your details here. (Please note: applications aren’t currently open).







England Rugby Refereeing Association

The England Rugby Referees Association (ERRA) aims to engage and communicate with all match officials who play a pivotal role in the enjoyment and well-being of players of all ages and abilities in our sport.

Whether you referee for your club, school/college/university or other referee organisation, the England Rugby Referees Association will also help you develop your skills with up to date information on training and development, and player welfare.


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