RFU Regulation 15.11.3 sets out the following:

  • Matches must be brought to an end if:
    at Under 7s to Under 12s the try difference rises to more than six;
    at Under 13s to Under 18s the points difference is more than 50 points unless both teams are in agreement to continue.
  • There are a number of ways that a game may be modified to ensure that it does not become too one sided:
  • Team Challenges:
  • Mix the teams.
  • Swap positions of dominant players or units (forwards/backs).
  • Must make at least x number of passes before scoring.
  • The losing team, down by x try scores, may ask for a specific player to be substituted, or set their challenges.
  • Allow an off side player for the losing team.
  • Create different scoring zones, e.g. dominant team must score between the posts without using the dead ball area as a run in.
  • The winning side must kick on the last phase of play before scoring.
  • In defence the stronger team may not contest possession.
  • In attack the stronger team may only have 1 or 2 players in a breakdown, encouraging offloads.
  • The stronger team after x number of rucks, the ball must be box kicked away.
  • Any line breaks by the stronger team must have a x number of passes before a player may score.
  • For the stronger team restrict where line breaks may be made.

Player Challenges:

Swap player positions.

Player x may only hold the ball for 5 seconds.

Swap individual player positions.

Dominant player may be touch tackled.

Weaker player has Super powers.


Law Manipulation:

For the dominant team – Scrum = Free kick, Free kick = Penalty and Penalty = Sin Bin

Restarts after a score are moved closer to the winning sides try line.