Taking place on the 1st July, the ERFSU’s Annual Awards Dinner was a chance to celebrate the work of volunteer school teachers across the nation nominated as a result of their outstanding engagement with schools rugby.

Presented by Geoff Simpson, EFRSU President, and Chris Kelly, incoming Vice President of the RFU the following people received awards:


  • Jeremy Tiffen – Austin Friars School.
  • Andrew Wolstenholme – Eltham College, St. Mary’s Sidcup, Oakham School, Epsom College and Leicestershire.

ERFSU Services to Schools Award:

  • Norman Foster – Cumbria Schools and the North Division.
  • Alan Katcher – Kent Schools and the London and SE Division.
  • Martin Pepper – Durham Schools, the North Division and the ERFSU.
  • Tony Richards – Essex Schools, London and the SE Division and the Wellington Festival.
  • Paul Walsh –  Leicestershire Schools, Midlands Schools, England 18 Group and the ERFSU.
  • Alistair Worth – Cumbria Schools.

Life Membership to the ERFSU Award:

  • John Cooper – Cumbria, North Division and England Schools 16 Group.
  • Roger Edmondson – Sussex, London and the SE Division and the ERFSU.
  • Roger Smerdon – Somerset Schools, Devon Schools, SW Division and England Schools 16 Group.
  • David Turner –  Kent Schools, London and SE Division, England Schools 16 Group and the ERSFU.

Congratulations to all the Awards winners! To find out more about the work they’ve done within schools rugby, please click here: ERFSU Awards Dinner Booklet 2017

Thinking you’d like to volunteer within the ERFSU? Great! We’d love to hear from you. Please contact: [email protected]